Rick Ross Weight Loss

If you are seeking a weight loss inspiration for yourself, see no further to the American rapper, Rick Ross!

The 42 years old, has drastically transformed with time and seems not to be over with the shedding yet!

Rick Ross Weight Loss Photos

Age: 42 years.
Height: 1.8m (5.9”)
Weight loss: 100 pounds.
Weight before transformation: 350 pounds.

Rick Ross has ruled hearts and has many hit albums under his belt. Known to put fire on stage, Rick has never failed to amuse his audiences with his engaging rapping and perfect vocal delivery.

But despite having a carefree attitude, nobody ever expected that he will start pursuing a healthy lifestyle in this life. Well, the rapper experienced a wakeup call that made him pay serious heed towards his habits.

So, what was this wakeup call all about, let’s find out!


Back in 2010, Rick’s overweight body indicated towards the lifestyle he was following and living comfortable with.

No doubt, he was involved in indulgence, drinking and many other dangerous habits that were gradually taking a toll on his health.

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In 2011, the famous rapper underwent two back to back seizure attacks, within 24 hours duration period. This served him as an alarm towards his deteriorating health.

Thankfully, he took the signs seriously and decided to overcome self-neglect.

Slowly but steadily, he made a progression towards a better, healthier him.


Rick Ross weight loss is not a result of some hard and fast science.

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He applied the general weight loss formula that could enable him to lead a healthy life ahead.

Dr. Oz Rick Ross weight loss

As per the reports, the rapper has successfully dropped down a whopping 100 pounds and is up for more.

That’s right, once weighed 350lbs Rick, does not seem the same at all. He is transformed and is living a way healthier life than ever.

When asked pertaining to the changes that helped him win the battle, he counted and credited several things, which contributed to his success.

First and foremost, he admitted altering his diet for good. The changes he made were not really major, but necessary.

Rick Ross diet is all healthy and moderate now. For example, he now takes fruits regularly.

He disclosed that he was not really fond of having fruits in the past, but today, he does not falter adding fruits in his diet and especially pears, a fruit he would have never take otherwise.

Not just this, the rapper also affirmed that he keeps himself away from soda and avoids all other drinks that can increase his body fat percentage.

But Rick did not swear of sticking to a strict and demanding diet in continuity. He did confess of having his favorite foods occasionally, for a change.

He does that to keep himself up with the changes or he can probably get discouraged without the charm of eating his favorite foods ever.

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Rick makes his visit to Checkers and Wingstop, his desired spot to dine. However, he ensures to limit his visits to 2-3 times a week.

Besides, he tries his best to take all the heavier meals in the day time and avoid any such at night.

Rick ardently believes that taking heavier meals at night hamper the progression and thus, he follows this rule quite strictly.

His other meals are prepared by his personal chef who is well-versed of his weight loss and nutritional needs.

Another change noted by the rapper was the increase in his water intake. Of course, this has been thoroughly proved that the consumption of excess water, too, plays a part in speeding metabolism.

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And hence, drinking enough water gives Rick Ross that needed edge for his fitness targets.

Interestingly, foods that are no longer part of his diet are white rice, bread or other items with higher fat content.

Other than diet, he paid a heavy emphasis on his workout too.

Rick Ross workout is commonly known as RossFit, which he has named after CrossFit.

According to him, his trainings are very strenuous and patience testing, however, is equally effective for him. Through them, he is gradually making his body waste fat and replacing the flabs with muscles.


If you are a diehard fan of Rick Ross and follow him on Instagram, you can swear to the hard work and time he invested for a physique like this.

Rick Ross before and after weight loss photos

No doubt, he looks way toned than ever, and is fair to enjoy the benefits he deserves. His weight loss story is motivating for all those who seek no quick fix and believe in producing natural results.

Checkout Rick Ross before and after photos on instagram and set yourself some fitness goals too!

And in the end, if your scale says you are overweight, take it as an alarm! Do not wait for a wakeup call, as it is either a warning or an end to life.

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